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At Quantum Realty Services Ltd. we understand that as an investor you are building your portfolio and we want to be a valuable partner with the industry know how.

As a property owner and investor it is good to know that you have a trustworthy property management company close at hand to keep an eye on your investment.

There comes a time when a property owner realizes the time saved and the expertise gleaned from hiring a professional manager is well worth the expense.

Quantum Realty Services Ltd. has invested time and finances into our own properties, for that reason we understand the value of such investments and the importance of quality property management.

Quantum Realty Services Ltd. is here to deal with less than comfortable interactions by allowing us serve as the liaison. We have the experience to handle difficult situations and delinquencies quickly and efficiently, while maintaining professionalism and integrity.

Quantum Realty Services Ltd. has formed well established procedures that gives a positive return on your investment. Market Analysis, tenant screening and efficient statement accounting will ensure your investment is well managed.

While keeping control over all properties there are times when maintenance is needed. Quantum Realty Services Ltd. diligently oversees our reputable and licensed vendors to ensure the proper procedures are performed efficiently and non repetitively.