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Spring Time!

Friendly Reminders for Spring Season

Rent Collection:
This is a friendly reminder that your rent is due on the first of every month, even if the date falls on the weekend or a statutory holiday. It is your responsibility to advise us in advance if there will be a delay on making your payment. We do accept e-transfers and post dated cheques if paying cash at our office is not an option for you. We also have a drop box located to the side of our office. Please inquire if you have any further questions, concerns or requests. Quantum Realty Services Ltd. has put into place an incentive program that gives you a chance to win a 50.00$ gift certificate to a place of your choice. All tenants that make their rental payment on time will have their name entered in a draw for a chance to win. You have nothing to lose and everybody wins when the rent is paid on time.

Looks like spring has finally arrived and with that comes all the surprises left from fall and winter. We take pride in our properties and so should you! There are a lot less damages done to the properties by mold, mildew and pets when it is kept clean outside as well as inside. Please keep yards, driveways and walk ways clear of all debris and garbages and any items such as non-fuctionnal motor vehicules or recreational vehicules should be removed from the property. Snow blowers, shovels and any winter items should also be neatly stored away. Please respect garbage and reclycing dates and inquire about the city's spring cleaning schedule in your area. All tenants are responsible for keeping your yard and area clean, this includes cutting grass and sweeping.

Pets are part of our daily lives and with that comes responsibilities. You are responsible, by law, to keep your pets on a leash at all times, not only for the safety of your pet but also for the safety of all others around them. Messes are to be cleaned up everytime without any delay. If your walking your pet, same rules apply. Please have respect.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Minoxide Detectors:
Everyone should have a working smoke detector and carbon minoxide detector. For all our tenants please contact us should you require batteries or a new unit. For all True North Estates Home owners/Tenants; you are responsible for your own smoke detectors and carbon minoxide detectors. The fire department will do inspections in all homes all throughout the summer.

Outdoor Fire Pits - True North Estates Tenants/Home Owners:
There are to be NO FIRES at any time throughout the entirety of the land lease community. Failure to respect the rules may result in fines.

"We thank-you for your cooperation in these matters and we wish you a great spring and summer season!"