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How can I pay my rent?

Looking for options to pay your rent? Sometimes our tenants have a hectic work schedule and can't seem to meet up with us when they want to pay their rent. Quantum Realty Services Ltd has options when it comes to paying your rent. 

As you already know, we come around to visit all our tenants on the first of every month, or whenever your scheduled rent payment date is. If this is a work day for you or you are unable to be available, yet you would like to pay your rent on time and avoid a notice, here are your options:

Call/Text Kerri (7054654030) or Lisanne (7052625491) to make arrangements to pick up the rent at a more suitable time in the day. 
Pay direct: Whether your are on ODSP, Ontario Works or CMHA the rent can be paid directly to our account
Bank Deposit: Quantum Realty Services Ltd can provide you with a void cheque. You can take this directly to the local RBC Bank and have them deposit the rent into our account.